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The unrivaled Nexus U-Mount was designed with input from firearm enthusiasts, avid hunters, and professional hunting guides to provide users the ability to capture different perspectives of their hunting and target shooting experiences on video. The design features allow a variety of camera types to be mounted to firearms in different configurations. These configurations allow video to be captured through the firearms optical sight, along the firearm’s barrel, or of the individual operating the firearm. The Nexus U-Mount provides unrivaled versatility, safety, and rock solid reliability.

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  • This universal camera mount is designed with safety features to protect expensive cameras, optical sights, firearms, and users from harm.
  • Allows video to be captured of the individual operating the firearm, down along the barrel of the firearm, and through the firearm’s optical sight.
  • Adjusts on 3 axis to make the camera, firearm, and its accompanying optical sight one solid cohesive functioning system.
  • Ambidextrous design features allow compatibility with Firearms that have right or left hand ejection ports.
  • Mounts to Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 mounting platforms.
  • Lightweight and high strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy and industrial grade heat treated alloy steel fasteners provides the durability necessary to handle the rigors of real world use.
  • Dual knurled thumb screws on the linear adjustment arm provide added safety while providing users a tool-less option for quickly removing and remounting the camera without losing adjustment settings.

5 reviews for Nexus U-Mount

  1. Matt

    I used the u-mount in two different modes, down the barrel and through my scope, hunting rabbits. Both angles were awesome. I will say though, it took me a bit when filming through my scope to change my muscle memory of pulling the gun up to my cheek to look through the scope. Once I got used to that, it was phenomenal. I had my whole hunt on video to show my kids when I got home. They watched it over and over saying how cool it was. I can’t wait to use it on big game hunts and target practice so I don’t have to keep walking up to my target to see where I hit.

  2. Zach Z

    Words cannot do justice with what this mount can do. I have tried multiple mounts and this one outperforms them all. It is designed to last a lifetime and is absolutely bulletproof. The initial setup of this mount takes a little bit of time, but it is very user friendly and easy to dial in (I am just a perfectionist). I have used multiple cameras with this mount and they all performed very well. My favorite camera to use with this mount is my I-Phone 6S. I purchased a separate adapter to attach to the Nexus U Mount with my phone and it works extremely well. My I-Phone is lightweight provides a large screen to locate the cross heirs when shooting. This mount is very stable and helps to absorb the recoil, ultimately providing a better, higher quality video. This mount will not disappoint. It is well worth every penny and allows you to relive every hunting experience out in the field. Take my word and put this one-of-a-kind mount to the test. Enjoy your next adventure and happy shooting.

  3. Will T.

    THANK GOD!! Finally, a solid setup that captures the kill shot when hunting! As a veteran of the US Army 2/28 Brigade Combat Team, I always wanted a setup that could record down the barrel action so folks back home could get an idea of what we really experienced “over their”. I’ve mounted this on my Mossberg shotgun, AK, and on my buddies bull barreled 17hmr I barrowed when hunting mountain lions. At one point when I was balls deep in 3ft of snow on a steep hill side at 8000ft I was carrying the bull barreled 17hmr by the mount like it was a handle. It never came loose or budged. The way its designed and attaches to the firearm makes a really solid setup. This is a fully mission capable product. I highly recommend the Nexus U-Mount to anyone interested in taking video of their hunting shots or field day at the shooting range home to Mama.

  4. Ryan B (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Nexus U-mount after seeing an online video. To be honest, I was skeptical that I would be able to create the same quality of video that was shown by the company. On arrival of the product, the first thing I noticed was the military spec machining and tight tolerances that went into production of this mount. Secondly, the ease which it mounted to my AR style rifle.

    Then came the testing day, and I cannot explain my excitement on how smooth and crystal clear my videos turned out!! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is wanting to relive their outings again and again and again.

    A+ to the Nexus U-mount team for making an easily installed, amazing product!!!!!

  5. Luke T

    I have been using this mount for some time now. The pictures/videos I have been getting are unbelievably awesome! I have been using this on my 12 gauge and Ruger 22. The views have been selfie from the barrel and side view down the barrel. My preferred camera has been my iPhone 7 plus.

    I have drop tested this mount and really put it through its paces for durability on my hunts. I have seen the mounts for shotguns and thought about buying one until I seen this mount and how I could use it on multiple guns not just the shotgun. I can’t believe the impeccable quality this gives you to mount a phone with not one issue after shooting a thousand rounds of mag shot for geese and ducks.

    I cannot say enough about how many epic shots this mount is able to provide you for years to come! My kids and friends are always asking to see my videos and pics after the hunts. I have seen other guys using this to long range shoot from scope view and WOW! I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next!!! Geniuses!!!!!!

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